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    Green Convergence Expands And Opens Solar Design Center

    By: Taylor O'Neil

    SunPower by Green Convergence is the leading local solar installer in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    They are working on expanding and will be opening their new Solar Design Center on Saturday, August 10. The opening of their showroom will include a live band and Kona Ice. They are opening from 1pm to 6pm at 28490 Westinghouse Place near the I-5 and 126 freeways.

    Solar PanelsMark Figearo, CEO of Green Convergence, is looking forward to the opening of the Solar Design Center because people can design their own solar system by looking at different solar panels and roof installation processes.

    Figearo is “grateful for the community for putting [them] in the position [of being the ‘Best in Solar’ in the SCV].”

    They are a SunPower branded dealer and factory dealer as well as being the first SunPower Master Dealer in the country.

    Green Convergence is located in Santa Clarita and is very involved in the SCV. They consider themselves a part of the community, living locally and raising families here. Figearo is even the Board Chair on the COC Solar Committee. They are invested in the community and work on giving back, being involved in Homes for Heroes and Cash for Kids.

    SunPower by Green Convergence gives you options in solar panels and roofing installation, to personally design a solar energy system that works for your specific needs.SunPower by Green Convergence

    Green Convergence provides information to their customers including the products they use, their warranty, and the company itself. They are licensed general, electrical, and roofing contractors and are known for their courteous, polite, and clean installers.

    While many solar companies provide packages that are too small and people still have high electricity bills, SunPower by Green Convergence works to “completely eliminate that electric bill,” Figearo said.

    Figearo has SunPower by Green Convergence in his house and manages to save thousands of dollars on his electric bill. He even showed his electric bill most recently, which included the days when Santa Clarita was experiencing some of its hottest temperatures. These temperatures peaked at 115 degrees and with most other days being 100 degrees or hotter. With two air conditioners and him running the A/C 24 hours a day, his electricity bill was only $11.

    Most people who run their air conditioners for extensive periods experience electricity bills ranging in the hundreds of dollars range. Others simply sweat it out in the warm temperatures because they cannot afford the outrageous cost of energy.

    SunPower by Green Convergence remains busy now because people do not like their electricity bills being so high and are switching to solar energy. Green Convergence allows people to either lease or own their own solar system.

    For more information, visit or call 661-294-999

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    Article: Green Convergence Expands And Opens Solar Design Center

    Article Source: SCVConnection

    Author: Taylor O’Neil