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    Tilted Kilt Girls Use Whitening Lightning

    By: Taylor O'Neil

    Whitening Lightning paired up with the girls at the Valencia Tilted Kilt and spoke about their challenges with teeth whitening techniques and products that they had used in the past and what they wanted to see in a teeth-whitening product.

    Tilted Kilt Girls

    Ashley Watanabe, grew up in Santa Clarita and claimed to have used whitening strips before and liked how they were fast, but she did not like that the strips would not always stick and would fall off. She wants a teeth-whitening product that is simple and easy.

    Kaiis Glasnow is confident in her smile, but complained that not all teeth whitening products that she used lasted and she did not see any dramatic changes. She would like to see a dramatic change just like Whitening Lightning’s sign advertises.

    Kaitlin Murphey noticed that her previous whitening methods did provide a small difference in color, but that the product tasted gross, and was goopy on her teeth. She would like a product that is quick and easy.

    Brissa Valero had never used a teeth-whitening product, but wanted to make her teeth super white, so that they are no longer yellow.

    Bree Urpin had used the teeth-whitening product that she put on her toothbrush after toothpaste, but the product often fell off and into the sink. She would like to see a product that is fast and easy, one that she can wipe on her teeth and then go to bed or the tanning bed.

    Knyxy Obnial complained that the strips she uses for whitening her teeth fell off. She would like to use a product that is easy, convenient, and actually works.

    Marlene Rivera said that the strips she used to whiten her teeth worked, but she would like to see greater results. She was scared to use any other products like Zoom because she was worried that her teeth would be too sensitive. She would like a whitening product that does not harm her teeth or make them sensitive to hot or cold drinks.

    Jennifer Poch did not like teeth whitening products because they made her teeth too sensitive, but would like to use a product that actually shows results and does not make the teeth sensitive.

    Brigette Hernandez did not like how previous whitening products made her teeth sensitive and that she actually had to put something on her teeth. She wants convenience and good results.

    Sabrina Macuk used teeth-whitening products that made her gums burn as well as one that tasted bad. She would like to use a product that doesn’t burn or taste bad, and that dries fast on her teeth.

    Heather, a model for Tilted Kilt who has been working for them for four years now, loves the Tilted Kilt Valencia location. She describes Tilted Kilt as having beautiful sweet girls, in a comfortable environment for family and friends. Heather along with the other Tilted Kilt Girls receive many compliments on their smiles and it is one part of themselves that they are confident in, especially with a whiter smile.

    Whitening Lightning brightens smiles

    Whitening Lightning President and CEO, Jen Gerald, said that white teeth give people an extra boost of confidence. Gerald is not a believer in strips or trays herself because they are expensive, difficult to use, and are very sensitive to teeth.

    “[Whitening Lightning] teeth whitening products are made in the USA, gluten-free and cruelty-free,” Gerard said.

    The products at Whitening Lightning are high-grade which means that there is no sensitivity to the teeth compared to other teeth-whitening products, which use anti-freeze, ammonia, and other harmful ingredients. The Whitening Lightning kit will whiten teeth four to seven shades per treatment and has no unpleasant taste, no mess, and no sensitivity.

    Her product, Whitening Lightning, includes the Super Booster Pen which is her best selling product. The pen provides convenience because using the product is easy. Starting with spreading the product on the teeth, letting it set, and then leaving it to work while sleeping to be brushed off in the morning, the Super Booster Pen is a no-hassle way to whiten teeth.

    Gerard said that an individual is the best version of himself or herself with white teeth because it can make a good first impression.

    The Tilted Kilt Girls received the Super Booster Pen for their teeth and all looked forward to using this new teeth whitening product. They were excited to whiten their teeth with the convenience of the Whitening Lightning technology. All of the girls believed that Whitening Lightning would give them the results they were looking for.

    KHTS will be interviewing the participants again in a few months to find out about their results.

    Tilted Kilt Girls Use Whitening Lightning

    Article: Tilted Kilt Girls Use Whitening Lighting

    Article Source: Santa Clarita News

    Author: Taylor O'Neil