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The News

The News by KHTS AM 1220

    Green Convergence Expands And Opens Solar Design Center

    By: Taylor O'Neil

    SunPower by Green Convergence is the leading local solar installer in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    They are working on expanding and will be opening their new Solar Design Center on Saturday, August 10. The opening of their showroom will include a live band and Kona Ice. They are opening from 1pm to 6pm at 28490 Westinghouse Place near the I-5 and 126 freeways.

    Solar PanelsMark Figearo, CEO of Green Convergence, is looking forward to the opening of the Solar Design Center because people can design their own solar system by looking at different solar panels and roof installation processes.

    Tilted Kilt Girls Use Whitening Lightning

    By: Taylor O'Neil

    Whitening Lightning paired up with the girls at the Valencia Tilted Kilt and spoke about their challenges with teeth whitening techniques and products that they had used in the past and what they wanted to see in a teeth-whitening product.

    Tilted Kilt Girls

    Ashley Watanabe, grew up in Santa Clarita and claimed to have used whitening strips before and liked how they were fast, but she did not like that the strips would not always stick and would fall off. She wants a teeth-whitening product that is simple and easy.